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CRYA was founded in 1933 to "encourage sailing and racing yachts on the Columbia River and its tributaries." Original member yacht clubs were: Astoria, Lake Oswego, Portland and the Westport (Oregon) Boat Club. Dr. Gordon B. Leitch, PYC, was the first President.

Vice President Doug Romjue


CRYA Bergy

President Doug Romjue

Doug Romjue representing (TNW), is the 2014 President. CRYA represents 18 clubs and over 2,000 members as an organization water-way user group that:

Serves as central coordinator for the member club's cruising schedules, eliminating many conflicts.

Keeps the clubs aware of local, state and federal government activities and rule-making that effects boats, boating and boaters.

Promotes development of new recreational boating facilities.

Promotes safe boating and water safety activities.




Annual Awards Dinner
of the Columbia River Yachting Association

All CRYA Commodores, Delegates and interested parties;
The cut-off date for registering for the 2014 CRYA Awards Banquet has been moved to 
November 24th, 2014.  I hope you can join us onDecember 2, at Portland Yacht Club.  Please share this information with your fellow club members.
Also, the gate to the lower parking lot at PYC will be open to facilitate easier parking while attending this event.  Entry to the building when parking below is on the river side up the stairs.
Again, you have until November 24, to get your reservation to me.  I hope this will help to get more CRYA members to join us for the annual event.  If for some reason your situation changes a the last minute and you can join us, call me to confirm and pay at the door. 

Awards Dinner
of the Columbia River Yachting Association

December 2, 2014 at 7 pm

Registration Application

Held at:
Portland Yacht Club Portland Yacht Club
1241 NE Marine Drive
Portland, Oregon 97211
Phone: 503-285-1922

45° 36′ 2″ N 122° 39′ 2″ W




Coast Guard proposes disestablishment of Tillamook Bay Approach Lighted Whistle Buoy "T" in Garibaldi, Ore.

SEATTLE — Coast Guard officials have proposed the disestablishment of Tillamook Bay Approach Lighted Whistle Buoy "T" (LLNR 680 - 9810) near Garibaldi, Oregon.

The proposal to disestablish the buoy came after a determination was made that the buoy does not mark any specific hazard to mariners, and is not necessary for safe navigation.

The entrance to Tillamook Bay is additionally marked by a lighted entrance buoy, a light upon the north jetty and a leading light marking the center of the entrance channel. The proposal was issued in the District Local Notice to Mariners issue 20/14

Each Coast Guard district office publishes and makes available for the public a weekly LNM. LNMs are the official Coast Guard publication that list current conditions of ATON, proposed changes to ATON, approved marine events and various announcements for waterway safety. The 13th District LNM can be found on the Coast Guard Navigation Center's web site .

The LNM lists contact information for mariners to submit comments via mail, phone or email on this or any other proposed change to ATON. If additional information is required, please contact Thomas Booth, 13th Coast Guard District ATON projects, at 206-220-7276.



Al Conser passed into heaven on July 4th, 2014

Al was a member of Columbia River Yacht Club and a huge contributor to CRYA. He served on the CRYA Standing Committee for many years, helping to form the organization into what we have today. Al was Father Neptune for quite a while and always wore the costume with dignity and class. It is fitting that he died on July 4th as he was a WWII veteran and a real patriot of the USA. He was 97 years young. Al will be missed by all that knew him.



2014 Anniversaries:

TYEE Yacht Club

Congratulations to TYEE Yacht Club on their 60th Anniversary!



Congratulations to the U.S. Power Squadrons celebrating their 100th Anniversary in 2014.

* See Flyer




Marine Board Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Rulemaking for Waterway Markers:

The Oregon State Marine Board seeks public comment on proposed changes to the Uniform Waterway Markers rules that describe standards for signs and buoys used to convey regulatory or informational messaging to boaters. The proposed rules will also establish procedures for political subdivisions and private individuals to apply for a permit that would allow them to place their own waterway markers... . Read More,


Boat Inspection Stations

Boat inspection stations are now open and are focusing on highways entering Oregon.  Travelers entering the state are asked to look for “Boat Inspection Ahead” signs and be prepared to pull off the highway for inspection.  An inspection takes about 10 minutes if boats are free of aquatic species.  If a boat is found to be contaminated with aquatic invaders, it will be cleaned by a mobile decontamination team.  All trailered boats and paddlecraft are required to stop for an AIS inspection when traveling past an open station.  

 In 2009, the Oregon Legislature passed legislation that created a self-supporting aquatic invasive species prevention program.  The program is designed to educate boaters about the threat of aquatic invasive species and what boaters can do to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species that are already in Oregon, like the New Zealand mud snail.  Revenue generated by the permit fee is used for inspection/detection, decontamination, law enforcement and education efforts. 

For more information about the aquatic invasive species prevention permit program, visithttp://www.oregon.gov/OSMB/Clean/pages/index.aspx.


Paddlers - Remember to Carry Your Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Permit

The Marine Board sells both an annual and two-year Tyvek tags for paddlecraft and can be purchased through the Marine Board’s office in Salem or online through the Marine Board’s new storefront. Permits expire on December 31 of the current year for the one year permit or December 31 of 2015, depending on which permit is purchased. Out-of-state permits for non-motorized boats are also $5. 


Attention Paddlers

2014-2015 Aquatic Invasive Species Tyvek Tags Now Available Online

Aquatic invasive species prevention permits for paddlers expire 
December 31 and the Marine Board has several purchasing options that are perfect to take advantage of when the weather is less-than desirable. Purchasing is easy from the comfort of your home through the Marine Board’s online storefront. An annual or two-year Tyvek tag costs a flat, $5 or $10, and the Marine Board does not charge an online processing fee.

A complete report is available for download at http://www.oregon.gov/OSMB/Clean/docs/AISPP_Annual_Report.pdf.

Ashley A. Massey
Public Information Officer
Oregon State Marine Board



Chest-Compression-Only CPR Video

Please note web link to certified updates for CPR procedures recently noted.... View Video


US Coast Guard Notice

Please note attached important reminder and notice from US Coast Guard Sector Columbia River.


Channel Buoys in Cathlamet Channel

US Coast Guard - Marine Safety Unit Portland has advised the Channel Buoys in Cathlamet Channel (Washington side passage along Puget Island) are removed - as maintenance access by ‘Bluebell’ has become restricted due to shoaling.

For any questions contact Marine Safety Unit Portland at 503-240-9310.



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Washington Boater Exam & Card

ALL Oregon & Washington resident boaters must now carry the Oregon & Washington Boater Education Card when operating a powerboat.



Ocean Service NOAA

Tide and Current for Vancouver, Washington & Portland, Oregon.





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